Sir Godfrey Gregg OHPM, ROMC

 Grand Commanding Officer (The Mystical Court)

There is a time coming when those who fear no foe will be crying out for some form of help. Many people have heard of the signs of the times but have never seen the reality. Balaam was blinded to his surroundings until a dumb animal spoke to him. Yet he couldn’t believe. Brethren God has a way of doing things. When Balaam’s leg was crushed against the wall he understood the battle was the Lord’s.

So many today are fighting against each other and walking in the opposite direction after some form of fame which will soon fade away. Yes, they have already lost their shine. I know this as a fact that they have already lost the shine. I know we are not perfect but when your inner circle fail, you eventually fall to pieces.

Hear me now that God call you as an individual to serve Him and then He places you in the lane that is best for you. If we are willing and obedient we will reap the good of the land. So I urge you to walk with clean hands and keep your heart pure and let Him take care f the rest.

Fighting over what others say about you will not win the fight. It shows that you are not connected to that fountain drawn from Emmanuel’s vein where sinners plunged in and are saved. Take note and be warned.

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