The Mystical Court is the decision making body of the Mystical Order of Spiritual Baptist Inc and it’s head is THE SUPREME GRAND COMMANDING OFFICER who sits in the East when present at meetings. He presides over all meetings and in his absence THE GRAND COMMANDING OFFICER, who is responsible for the Court will preside. In their absence THE VICE GRAND COMMANDING OFFICER sits in the West and will only preside and assumes all authority and privileges at the meeting in the absence of the SGCO AND THE GCO.

This is a functioning body which comprise all Bishops, Archbishops, Queen Abbess, Abbesses, Cardinals and the Patriarch. Every member is sworn to secrecy and cannot divulge the contents of the meetings, secrets, word and signs. All rituals are kept behind closed doors.

We trust as we share information with you that you will be enlightened in the things of God and you hearts will be blessed.