Here we are talking about energy again. Negative energy results in a power drain or loss on the network, so to speak, Positive energy allows for a free flow of power. SMILING. HAPPINESS. POSITIVE THOUGHTS. All of these go into promoting a positive flow of energy. Days become brighter. Time to recharge becomes shorter. Friendships … Continue reading WISDOM


 Grand Commanding Officer His Station is in the East, reached by three steps. His seat represents the place once occupied by King Solomon. The colour of his station is ‘White’ denoting Purity and Wisdom. White reminds us of that Divine Wisdom which can only be obtained through searching the revealed word of Him who is … Continue reading GRAND COMMANDING OFFICER


Sir Godfrey Gregg OHPM, ROMC Grand Commanding Officer (The Mystical Court) There is a time coming when those who fear no foe will be crying out for some form of help. Many people have heard of the signs of the times but have never seen the reality. Balaam was blinded to his surroundings until a … Continue reading BE ALERT