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I want to thank all my readers, email supporters, Facebook groups and pages, visitors and the clergy and members of The Mystical Order for their patience while the website http://www.mysticalorderinc.org was down for some 48 hours. I missed seeing the page online as some of you expressed to me in your emails enquiring about the absence … Continue reading THANK YOU


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For the last three years Adrian (Prince) Toussaint assumed the office of Archbishop for The Mystical Order and Starlight of Israel Healing School. His Grace Sir Adrian replaced Archbishop Michael Bailey who assumed the responsibility for the church he founded Archangel Michael Cherubim Spiritual Baptist Church. His Grace Archbishop Adrian (Prince) Toussaint will later be … Continue reading THE RESTORATION OF DISCIPLINE


Right now our Ministry is going through a transition. A lot of issues and transgressions are being brought to the surface. It's painful and uncomfortable but I believe it will ultimately lead to positive change in the future. Change that is evident already in the transfer of Authority to the Archbishop His Grace Sir Adrian … Continue reading THE TRANSITION


HH, Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div Administrator The Mystical Order International Ministers have a confidential relationship with their members or whoever confides in them. Whatever is revealed to you must remain in confidence and should not be divulged to anyone. It is like a doctor and a patient. However, some ministers will not talk but post … Continue reading MINISTERS CONFIDENTIALITY


Inner Noise   It's not just the noise outside us which causes us problems, though, but also the noise inside us.   In the same way that the natural quietness and stillness of the world around us is always covered over with man-made noise, the natural quietness of our minds is constantly disturbed by the … Continue reading THE POWER OF SILENCE (Part two)


Modern humans have lost touch with their inner "true self". Silence and stillness are a means of recovering happiness and contentment.   In the modern world, silence has practically ceased to exist. The human race has stamped its authority over the planet Earth not just by covering its surface with concrete and destroying its plant … Continue reading THE POWER OF SILENCE (Part one)


Between the last night of 2016 and the first night of 2017, I had a dream and wrote it down and emailed it to my daughter on January 2, 2017. We discussed it and she encouraged me to publish it, but I was reluctant. I feel this is the time to make it known.   … Continue reading I HAD A DREAM