I want to thank all my readers, email supporters, Facebook groups and pages, visitors and the clergy and members of The Mystical Order for their patience while the website was down for some 48 hours.

I missed seeing the page online as some of you expressed to me in your emails enquiring about the absence of the morning page.

The problem was beyond my control and scope of technical expertise. However, the engineers at WORDPRESS did a very good job in such a short space of time to bring us back online.

Thank you WORDPRESS for working with me and restoring the confidence of our visitors. Our visitors to the site reached an all-time high and that was an indicator then the emails were coming in from around the world. Prayers were sent up for the quick restoration and deep in my spirit, I had to work fast to restore the service. It was a cause for concern and I prayed diligently and earnestly for a quick solution.

God was indicating something to me and with an answer to prayer I will be making some changes to the outlook of the page. This will take some time and I pray that you will support this cause. A soul saved and all of us rejoice.

Thank you and I look forward to your support.

HH, Sir Godfrey Gregg


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