Concept 10:

Researched Author: Sir Godfrey Gregg GCO ROMC

Grail Consciousness

For lack of a better term, Grail Consciousness can be described as the mystical side of The Mystical Court.
Like the rest of this non-sectarian, non-partisan movement, it is connected to our experience of Aletheia, the subjective/objective experience of truth from which we derive personal authenticity. As a bonus, it also reflects imagery that is firmly implanted in our cultural past.

Medieval legends of the Holy Grail provide the spiritual side of The Mystical Court writings though the stories are somewhat varied and often express religious ideas, they agree on one thing. The Grail represents the ultimate mystery, both of life and existence itself. Call it the cup from the Last Supper, a jewel fallen from heaven, or a basin from the pagan myth that brought the dead to life, it symbolized the powers of Providence imbued in nature, the sustaining mystery of life itself.

Grail Consciousness is a fundamental awareness of life’s mystery in our everyday lives. The cause and nature of existence are simply unknown. The religious person may point to God, but what does that mean? What is God’s nature? Can the human mind grasp such a concept? We are dealing with mysteries that cannot be fathomed. Just because we do not understand something does not mean that it does not exist. That we exist at all serves as proof. Therefore, it is right to give mystery its due. Our quest for truth is more complete when we recognize and respect the mystery that surrounds us. It is the X-factor that completes the equation, despite being unknown.

The mystery is part of the truth, even if we cannot define or understand it. To ignore that fact, to not include it in our consciousness of the world, however inconclusively, limits our perception of everything. Without acknowledging mystery, we are not receptive to inspirations that arise from the subconscious. We fail to learn the profound lessons gleaned from the life-enhancing subjective/objective experience of Aletheia.

This is not the spiritual challenge that it might seem. To expand consciousness, it is enough to be aware of the mystery, even if only in very private moments. Such awareness opens new dimensions to the blossoming of our quests, allowing for new and exciting insights while freeing ourselves, if only a little, from the bonds of illusion. We become more present in the moment, more authentically real and human.

The significance of the Holy Grail is not the Grail itself, but our response to its calling. Awareness of the mystery, embracing questions unadulterated by false answers, completes the foundation of who we are.      

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