Concept 6:

Researched Author: Sir Godfrey Gregg VGCO, ROMC

Ordo Mundi

Ordo Mundi is a medieval term meaning the way of the world, or understanding nature. Looking back, one might consider it an ecclesiastic precursor of science, an approach to God through God’s creation.

For today’s world, it is recognizing our responsibility to preserve and protect the natural world we live in, and learn from it as well. Whether we recognize it or not (and some people are so caught up with themselves that they do not), our association with nature is one of mutual relationship. We are not outside looking in. We are part of it. To think otherwise is simply misguided. We are not just caretakers or stewards of the earth. We depend upon the workings of nature for our survival and that of future generations as well.

The Grail legend tells us that when the Grail King was wounded in his manhood, the realm suffered. It became a Wasteland. This is an incredibly prescient warning for our times when our hubris is such that oceans are being poisoned with toxic waste and radiation, tap water ignites in flame, and climate change across the globe screams for change while simple, unconscionable denial cripples our response. If ever there was an unforgivable sin of the spirit, this is it, for it contains all the negativity and ignorance that mires humanity from achieving its own ideals. All through history people lived in accordance with nature. We, in the 21st century, blinded by hubris, greed and addiction to fun, while enjoying all the bounty and benefits that nature and science have given us, somehow feel that we can ravage the world without regard.

The Grail legend tells us that the cure is found in the compassion of the innocent heart that dares to inquire about the Grail’s secret, which is the mystery of life and our place in it. Regaining our proper state of being, the Grail King, who represents human nature that is broken, becomes miraculously healed, and the land along with him.

Confronting the world with the innocence of good-will and compassion is the answer for us as well. Reject the contentious rants of political ideologues who puff up from the sound of their own voices. They get paid to talk like that and care little about truth. We should not align ourselves with either political agenda as a matter of course. The Mystical Court calls us to align ourselves with truth instead, which is the goal, substance and direction of every quest, and the surest route to personal fulfilment.




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