Concept 1:

Researched Author: Sir Godfrey Gregg GCO, ROMC, OHPM

The Nudge of Telos

Do you ever wish that your life had more significance?

No matter how busy you are, or successful, or popular, do you ever experience quiet moments when a shadow of self-doubt crosses your mind, whispering that something is missing in your life? Something fundamental to your sense of personal fulfilment. An unspecified cause to stand up for, perhaps. Some purpose that would make your life exactly what it should be.

In The Mystical Court, we call this instinctive nudge of existential conscience “Telos,” a word from Greek philosophy that translates as “inner aim,” as in some predetermined expectation of who you should be, and what you should be doing.

We believe that most people experience this at some point in their lives – how often depends on how tuned-in they are with the workings of their own conscience. They usually respond with a moment’s reflection, and then quickly back away from the threat of existential anxiety. No one wants to think that their life might be impaired of meaning, or going in the wrong direction. That this shadow of doubt occurs, however, and in some people quite often, surely has significance. We do not want our lives to be wasted or lacking value or ill-remembered. How to remedy that, however, places a question mark on our existence.

That we are alive as persons, that we own a living experience of time that offers a unique perspective, along with knowing that our lives will someday end, adds to this rub of consciousness. Just as our genetic makeup produces a distinct pattern of physical growth, the intuitive prodding of Telos reminds us to expand morally as well. That means listening to the dictates of conscience and applying reason to determine the correct action. This is the impetus of human nature toward virtue. Our unspoken role is to bring truth and justice and compassion to the world for the benefit of now and future generations. If we fail to do that, we remain incomplete, unsatisfied, pricked by the shadow of conscience.

The Mystical Court, with its 12 Trusts, foundational concepts (such as Telos), and supportive fellowship, unveils a path that you can take to fill that spiritual void. We call it the Quest. You start when you decide to view your own life’s journey as a meaningful process of learning, growing and helping others. Once you accept that point-of-view, everything that happens next is seen as an opportunity for truth and self-development. This is the universal message of the mythology Hero’s Journey. We take the virtues that the Quest teaches us and bring them back for the benefit of all.

With this in mind, we invite you to join us. Nothing formal is necessary. You don’t even have to introduce yourself. Just read the material, think about it, and then follow your heart. Your Quest is uniquely your own.

The Fellowship of The Mystical Court is just a nexus where our separate Quests periodically intersect to find and give mutual support. Its congenial reinforcement makes progress that much easier.


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