Mystical Court Ritual

Mystical Court Ritual

Q:  I have heard that The Mystical Court Ritual is one of the secrets.  Is it?

A:  Yes.

Q:  What happens during The Mystical Court ritual?

A:  Much of The Mystical Court ritual is based upon the Holy Scriptures.  Once the Holy Scriptures become more meaningful to you, you will see that The Mystical Court ritual is a method of inculcating (teaching) their values.

The Mystical Court is a part of The Mystical Order of Spiritual Baptist.  In fact, believing in a Supreme Being is one of its qualifications in all jurisdictions around the world wherever The Mystical Court is established.  The Mystical Court is about spiritual enlightenment, brotherly love, relief and charity to those who are unfortunate.

It is a group of men and women who wish to give back to others, as God intended us to do.

Once a man or woman becomes a member and understands its true purposes, the Mystical Court secrets are not as important to any member as the spirituality felt during The Mystical Court ritual and the emotional and social benefits of having “brothers and sisters” who believe in your worth.

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