Q:  Is Mystical Court degree ritual a secret,…and, what exactly is degree ritual?

A:  Mystical Court degree ritual, is, indeed, a secret.

There are three degrees within The Mystical Court, before you can be elevated above the rank of Sailor.  Hence the three links of chain which will be another lesson.

The Mystical Court degree ritual is about bringing a new candidate from darkness (their old ways which may not be pleasing to the Creator) to light (walking in harmony with other men and women who attempt to please God by their actions in life).  The actual ritual is performed in play form and as such, is like drama on a stage.

In the ritual, with the help of other men and women, a man turns away from his grievous past ways and is reborn to seek the light which our Creator desires for us.

The Mystical Court Secret handshakes
(also called grips)

Q:  Why are these handshakes (Grips) part of their secrets?

A:  Are revealed to members

The Mystical Court is an organization of men and women with some teachings of ancient times, whose court symbolically represents King Solomon’s Temple in biblical times.  Like Solomon’s Temple, only those who are pure of heart and who seek enlightenment in the principles our Creator has set down for us in the Holy Scriptures are allowed to enter The Mystical Court.


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