While many people falsely believe that possessing the passwords of The Mystical Court are the keys that will unlock all of the Mystical Court secrets,… however, in truth, these Mystical Court passwords can be likened more to an ancient formality which older fraternities strive to maintain.

Q:  If I am not a Mystical Court Member, but know of the passwords, will I be able to get into The Mystical Court and learn their secrets?

A:  It is highly doubtful.  The reason is that Mystical Court is a brotherhood of men and women, most of whom have long term ties to their Court (The Mystical Order) and their brethren. However entrance into a Court meeting is very unlikely since the entrance password change quite often. It therefore means you will have to be at the previous meeting in order to be admitted in the following meeting. Otherwise you will have to undergo the test to prove you are a member of the Court.

Think of it this way,… if you show up at the door of a conference, the security guard…(we call him the Gate Keeper),… would ask for your credentials, (your Mystical Court password) for admittance.

If you know the password, you might gain entrance, but once inside, if you are unknown to the organizer,…(we call him the Supreme Grand Commanding Officer); he is going to test you to determine your authenticity.

In other words, if your knock on the door, are somehow able to prove your false authenticity, and do gain admittance,…you should know where you will be seated and ready to participate in the conference. There are precise place for members of The Mystical Court to be seated.

The true “key to the lock” of The Mystical Court secrets is when a man or woman takes the OATH on the Sacred Laws.


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