I am so delighted to see the reality of a good decision in ministry. My beloved and anointed Archbishop, His Grace Sir Adrian Toussaint. He assumes the full and complete responsibility of The Mystical Order and Starlight of Israel after receiving a certified copy of the instrument from the Legal Affairs Ministry. May … Continue reading THE DAY OF GRACE


Thank you, Bishop Adrian, (Prince) Leader of The Mystical Order and Starlight of Israel in South Trinidad. Your vision to lead is greatly appreciated. A little child shall lead them and from my heart, I say thank you and the members for taking such a great interest. May Almighty God bless and keep you and … Continue reading SOUTH TRINIDAD SPREAD CHRISTMAS CHEERS


Today the Patriarch and Chief Apostle Sir Darrel Johnson celebrates another year and it would be a very quiet time with his family in Rochester, New York. However, his Spiritual Children are planning to celebrate with him in a way that they want. Sir Darrel who started Starlight of Israel Healing School thirty years ago has … Continue reading BIRTHDAY GREETINGS