There will be no New Year for those who keep living in the older

years! If you really want to enter a new year, shot all the doors

behind you and stick yourself to the New Year where everything is

ready for you to be designed by you! Every man is an artist and every

artist has the power to create infinite things; just be in the present

time and design your life! No man can design his life by being in the

past because the present time is the only studio we can do our work!

happy new year 2019 wishes

If you missed your chance to read a particular book, even if it was recommended to you or is one you have been intending to read for ages, this is your chance to let it go. You may have wanted to read it when you bought it, but if you haven’t read it by now, the book’s purpose was to teach you that you didn’t need it. There is no need to finish reading books that you only got halfway through. Their purpose was to be read halfway. So get rid of all those unread books. It will be far better for you to read the book that really grabs you right now than one that you left to gather dust for years.

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