The idea of The Mystical Court is a combination of truth, honour, valor, courage, courtesy, loyalty, kindness, purity, humility and compassion. All of these components come together to form the idea of The Mystical Court, just as different metals are forged together to create a fine sword.
I wish to refer to the Order of The Mystical Court, “The Highest Order that God hath ordained.” Every person who wishes to follow the “Mystical Path” as a Quest Companion or Mystical Court Knight should pledge to live their lives by these ideals. Believe it or not – these ideals of Knighthood and The Mystical Court can still apply to our lives today!

Unfortunately, there are many people in our modern-day world who care very little about living lives of honor. They very selfishly choose to live their lives as they please – no matter who they may hurt in the process. However, there are still some who endeavor to lead lives of true nobility and knightly honor. For my Fellow Quest Companions and Grail Knights who wish to do so, here are those “Mystical Metals” which you can use to forge your own “Sword of The Mystical Court.”

  • Always respect and obey the Law, unless the Law is evil or wrong.
  • Always be kind and never cruel.
  • Always give mercy to those that ask for it, and even to those who do not ask for it.
  • Always be loyal to your “Pledged Word,” speak the truth and never lie.
  • Always defend what is Good and Right and seek to stop injustice.
  • Always have compassion for the weak, frail, and oppressed – and seek to help them in any way.
  • Always be charitable to others and give to those that are in need.
  • Always defend, protect and support those that are in distress.
  • Always love your Country, Family, Religion (or spiritual beliefs) and uphold them in every way.
  • Always treat others the way you yourself would want to be treated. Treat others the way that you would want those that you love to be treated.
  • In all ways, strive to live lives of purity and true nobility.

If you want to temper your “Sword of The Mystical Court” even further, throw these ingredients into the mix:
Respect others and their rights. Maintain your principles. Do not let your actions dishonor someone else. For by dishonoring them, you dishonor yourself and the Code of Chivalry. Mean what you say and say what you mean. Never betray a trust, always stay to the Purity of Truth.
Be considerate of others. Help that we are in need. Be thankful to those who help you. Never abandon a friend, someone in need, or a noble cause. Resist cruelty and injustice in all of its many forms.Show respect where respect is due. Exhibit courage in word and deed. Defend the weak and innocent.

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