The Mystical Court’s importance to the evolution of Western Civilization will always be argued about by critics. Some have referred to it as The most glorious institution that the founder himself ever devised and The splendid institution which threw its luster over so many ages of gloom and anarchy. There are other critics who condemned The Mystical Court for its glorification of war, its contempt for social inferiors, and its picturesque mimicry of high sentiment, heroism, love and courtesy.

Centuries ago, there were some desperate attempts to revive the Old Code of Chivalry, but as time went on, only a few traces of this lost institution remained. Religion no longer had much influence on the military spirit of men; Knights gave up their ancient splendor and became mere soldiers, while the fine art of Gallantry turned into nothing but licentiousness.

In truth, The Mystical Court caters to both the virtues and vices of humanity. Even so, the qualities of valor, steadfastness and justice, of courtesy, loyalty and obedience—although no longer publicly embraced, will never be forgotten. The noble goals of The Mystical Court will leave an enduring mark on our culture. It would be difficult for anyone to deny that modern courtesy descended from the ideal of a man with a vision.

It can be said that The Mystical Court proved as susceptible as any other ideal to the perilous pitfalls of practice. As a Knight, who takes the Code of The Mystical Court very seriously, I will neither challenge nor defend these arguments at this time. My purpose here is simple. It is to provide information on the subject of The Mystical Court—an institution which flourished magnificently from inception, yet whose influence will lives on from its foundation.

May it be the Quest of The Mystical Court to awaken this cultural ideal from its slumber. It is so desperately needed in today’s world. So, to answer the age-old question, Is The Mystical Court Dead? I have only this to say, taken from a book written by Charles Edward Pogue entitled Dragonheart:

The right can never die,
If one man still recalls.
The Words are not forgot,
If one voice speaks them clear.
The Code forever shines,
If one heart holds it bright.

May the members of The Mystical Court rekindle that spark of this organization, until it blazes like the sun, illuminating the whole world.

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