A on-line series that offers a practical look at the  nature of colour and how we can apply back into our lives, bringing about a sense of inner being and balance. 

Sit comfortably, close your eyes, take deep breaths in and out, and relax. Imagine yourself sitting on a cool blue lace agate stone under a waterfall of cleansing blue light from the sky purifying your brain allow the blue to flow into your throat opening to clear expression, than your neck across your shoulders down your arms and then flush through your whole body via the spinal chord cleansing, cooling, renewing cells and out through feet into the earth…….
Complimentary colour: Red
Element: Ether & Water
Astrology Sign & Planet: Virgo &  Mercury
Chakra & Gland: Throat & Thyroid, parathyroid
Body parts: neck, shoulders, mouth, respiration, thoracic 1 and cervical 7
Energy body: Etheric Template Physical Higher aspect
Meridians: Bladder (yang), Kidney (yin)
Musical Notes: G
Key Words : Loyal, honesty, cooling, calming, communication, peace, pain relief, direct, clarity, healing, antiseptic, anti-bacterial, creative expression
Use for Healing: acute pain, fevers, burns, sunstroke, inflammations, grief
Contraindications: colds, muscle contraction, paralysis, poor circulation, depression.
Food: kelp, blueberries, fish, food growing on trees,
Aromatherapy Oils: chamomile, marjoram, tea tree, thyme, cypress, lavender
Crystals: blue lace agate, aquamarine, fluorite, tanzanite

Sit comfortably, close your eyes, take deep breaths in and out, and relax…
Imagine yourself sitting on a cool lapis lazuli indigo rock in the middle of the deep blue ocean the sea flowing gently around you absorb the indigo into your brain through the brow, skull bones, the matter, into the neurons ..sense a peacefulness, a silence within, nothingness filling your head eyes, nose, ears allow brain, nerves to rest it is safe…….
Complimentary colour: Orange
Element: Ether
Astrology Sign & Planet: Libra & Venus
Chakra & Gland: Brow & Pituitary
Body parts: Brain, eyes, nose, ears, forehead, skull
Energy body: Celestial Emotional Higher aspect
Musical Notes: A
Key Words: Peace, balance, meditation, wisdom, calming, scientific data, astringent, depressant(to much), no material attachments, liberation, master of self, proud, mental manipulation, authoritarian, objectivity, reverence, neutrality, loneliness, right/left brain balance
Use for Healing: Pain, diarrhoea, psychic exhaustion/cleansing, sedative, sinus, migrane, insomnia, deafness, stops nose bleed, kills bacteria/parasites,
Contraindications: Schizophrenia
Food: black beans, wild mushrooms, soya sauce, black beans
Aromatherapy Oils: bay, cinnamon, clove, frankincense, grapefruit, jasmine, neroli, nutmeg, ylang ylang,


Sit comfortably , close your eyes, take deep breathes in and out, and relax…
Imagine yourself sitting on a big amethyst crystal.
Connect to a point on the crown of your head imagine a violet flower opening …energized by the violet sky of an evening  sunset  allow the violet to purify your brain, down your spine, into the nerves, the organs, the tissues, the cells, cleansing, purifying your whole mind heart body…. in the moment you are one with Spirit….embrace……
Complimentary colour: Yellow
Element: Ether
Astrology Sign & Planet: Scorpio & Pluto
Chakra & Gland: Crown & Pineal
Body parts: Head, hair, CNS
Energy body: Ketheric Mental Higher aspect
Musical Notes: B
Key Words: Relaxing, hyponotic, narcotic, spirituality, service, healing, seeker of truth, contemplation, one with creator, understanding, miracle worker, access to unconscious/subconscious , healing, closure, inner calm,
Use for Healing: Depression, migrane, baldness, parasites, anxiety, spiritual fear ( negative entities), evoke angelic realm protection
Contraindications: none
Food: eggplant, purple onion, purple grapes
Aromatherapy Oils: frankincense, lavender, sage, sandalwood
Crystals: Amethyst, sugilite, diamond

Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and take a deep breath in and out. Imagine yourself sitting in a cave, deep in the centre of the earth- warm sunlight shining in from above, warm orange water seeping up from the earth, a fire in the centre of your cave and glowing orange crystals all around. Absorb the orange through your feet into your navel area, warming your reproductive organs until you feel inner warmth glowing , vitalizing your emotional body healing , nourish inner child male and female within…
Complimentary colour: Indigo
Element: Water & Fire
Astrology Sign & Planet: Taurus & Venus
Chakra & Gland: Sacral & Female – Ovaries Uterus, Male – Testes Prostate
Body parts: colon, mammary glands, lymph, digestion, lumbar spine
Energy body: Emotional lower aspect
Meridians: triple burner (yang) & pericardium (yin)
Musical Notes: D
Key Words: tonic, creativity, pregnancy, trauma, sympathetic, understanding deep insight, antidepressant, social, passion, ecstasy, dependency co – dependency independence, practical, joy, sexual expression, freeing action, repression, manipulation, clairsentient – become one with others and psyche them out to help.
Use for Healing:
Contraindications: excessive physical sexual energy
Food: carbohydrates, oranges, mandarin, carrots, butternut, fish, food growing just above ground, leafy greens.
Aromatherapy Oils: citrus oils, carrot, clary sage, jasmine, geranium, rose, rosewood, palmarosa, marigold, ylang ylang, patchouli, Crystals: Tigers eye, carnelian, calcite

Sit comfortably, close your eyes, take deep breaths in and out, and relax. Imagine yourself sitting on a big red jasper crystal. Your feet rooting deep down into the centre of mother earth – red volcanic lava, rising up through the roots into your body – warm red energising your blood, bones, muscles, organs, cells and settling in your pelvic bones. Take as much as you need to feel safe in your legs and feet supported by earth.
Complimentary colour: Blue
Element: Earth & Fire
Astrology Sign & Planet: Aries & Mars
Chakra & Gland: Base & Adrenals
Body parts: blood, muscles, bones, coccyx, lower limbs, kidneys, bladder, bowels, genitals .
Energy body: etheric lower aspect
Meridians: small intestine (yang), heart (yin) & triple burner (yang), pericardium (yin)
Musical Notes: C
Key Words: grounding, safe, strengthening, birth, stimulating, stability, courage, action, warming , outgoing, violence, fear, anger, irritability, impatience, inactive, aggression , greed
Use for Healing:
Contraindications: fever, inflammations, ulcers, swelling & hyperactive.
Food: protein, root veggies, beetroot, tomatoes & red apples
Aromatherapy Oils: benzoin, ginger, pine, sage, ruby grapefruit, sandalwood, rosewood, marjoram, vetivert, petitgrain, myrrh, rosemary, bergamot, juniper, camphor
Crystals: jasper, garnet & obsidian
Sit comfortably, close your eyes, take deep breaths in and out and relax. Imagine yourself sitting on a warm yellow citrine crystal. Warm father sun shining down on your body entering at your solar plexus centre under your ribs…bringing an inner glowing light into your digestive organs shining up and down your spine nourishing your whole nervous system absorb as much as you need…
Complimentary colour: Violet
Element: Fire & Earth
Astrology Sign & Planet: Gemini & Mercury
Chakra & Gland: Solar Plexus & Pancreas Spleen
Body parts: diaphragm, stomach, liver, gallbladder, adrenals, small intestines, autonomic nervous system, thoracic 12 & lumbar 1 spine
Energy body: Mental lower aspect
Meridians: stomach (yang), spleen (yin)
Musical Notes: E
Key Words: bright, warmth, happy, communication, self-confidence, concentration, uplifting, sunny, acquired knowledge, quick, critical, anxious, egocentric, perfectionist, workaholic, anger
Use for Healing:
Contraindications: nervous conditions, inflammation
Food: bananas, pineapples, mielies, cheese, food growing between the ground and the trees-grains, lemon, spices
Aromatherapy Oils: basil, cardamom, camomile, cinnamon, citronella, clove, coriander, fennel, ginger, nutmeg, peppermint
Crystals: citrine, tiger’s eye, yellow agate
Sit comfortably, close your eyes, take deep breaths in and out, and relax. Imagine yourself sitting on a big green aventurine stone. Fresh green grass all around you, green rising up through your feet, into your body. Green trees above, breathe the green into your lungs then via the heart into the bloodstream…. green balancing and healing cells… oxygen flowing wherever it’s needed…
Complimentary colour: PINK
Element: Air & Wood
Astrology Sign & Planet: Cancer & Moon
Chakra & Gland: Heart & Thymus
Body parts: heart, lungs, arms, hands, circulatory, respiration, lymph, thoracic 4 & 5 spine
Energy body: Astral
Meridians: Gallbladder (yang), liver (yin)
Musical Notes: F
Key Words : love, balance, harmony, abundance, relaxing, new beginnings, empathy, humanitarian, friendly, nature, growth, fertility, healing, generous, desireless- desire, jealousy, envy, feeling trapped, moody
Use for Healing;
Contraindications: cancer use soft green
Food: green leafy vegetables, lettuce, cabbage spinach, sprouts, wheat grass, foods growing on trees-fruits nuts
Aromatherapy Oils: lemon, lemongrass, pine, cypress, juniper, eucalyptus, peppermint, lime, tea tree, benzoin, niaouli, thyme, cajaput,
Crystals: adventurine, amazonite, jade, malachite, tourmaline
Sit comfortably, close your eyes, take deep breaths in and out, and relax….
Imagine yourself sitting on a gentle rose quartz in a beautiful garden surrounded by bushes of pink roses take the aroma into your heart which is filled with warm red blood, call in white light from Spirit to the Heart and as it blends with red of the Blood, beautiful soft pink flows to the whole body taking a feeling of unconditional love to all the cells, soak it in as Spirit unifies with Soul enhancing Body…..
Complimentary colour: GREEN
Astrology Sign & Planet: Leo & Sun
Chakra: Heart
Body parts: Heart, whole body
Energy body: Astral
Meridians: to heal all
Musical Notes: F
Key Words: Unconditional love,  harmony, ecstacy, female, mother love, safe
Use for Healing: all areas of  physical , emotional, mental, spiritual pain or illness in body
Contraindications: none
Food: watermelon, strawberries, rose  water
Aromatherapy Oils: rose, rosewood, palmarosa, geranium, clary sage, yarrow
Crystals: rose quartz, rhodocrosite, watermelon tourmaline, rhodonite,
Sit comfortably, close your eyes, take deep breaths in and out, and relax…
Imagine you are sitting on the great mother earth, a silver haematite cooling your life force. Allow the energy to flow up the spine into left body ….gaze up to a great big full moon, a glowing silver ball of  light  radiating down from the top of  your head energizing your right brain, down your spine, shining into the left side of your body, connecting you to the female intuitive, nurturer within……
Complimentary colour: GOLD
Astrology Sign & Planet: Sagittarius & Jupiter
Body parts: Right brain left side body
Energy body: Female self, little girl, mother principle, wise women
Meridians: Conception Vessel (yin)
Key Words: Moon, Earth, female, intuition, creativity, protection, purity, lightness of being, nurturing, womb
Use for Healing: Hot inflamed physical/mental conditions, mirror away negative energy, germicidal, antibiotic conditions, fevers
Aromatherapy Oils: Sage, juniper, cypress, eucalyptus, tea tree
Crystals:  Haematite, galena
Sit comfortably, close your eyes, take deep breathes in and out, and relax…
Imagine you are sitting on a great big gold pyrite rock warmed by the sun draw the golden light up your body through your spine into the right side of your body and up into your left brain where it connects to golden light glowing down from the great father sun …draw the power, strength and protection into you body enriching your inner male ….
Complimentary colour: SILVER
Astrology Sign & Planet: Capricorn & Saturn
Body parts: Left brain, right side body
Energy body: Male self, little boy, father principle, wise man
Meridians: Governing Vessel (yang)
Key Words : Sun, male, active, intellect, protector, wealth, wisdom, holiness, status, splendour, enlightenment, strength
Use for Healing : Immunity, Nerve weakness, addictions, disgust, general debility
Contraindications : Hot conditions
Aromatherapy Oils: Calendula, carrot, lemongrass, vetivert , bergamot
Crystals: Pyrite

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