Destiny is a wonderful little outline on how everything will work out, but free will can rewrite the outline as things come to pass. It's like the highway system, the road is already laid out for you, but there are numerous interchanges, off-ramps, and forks you can take; the road is set, the final destination … Continue reading ROAD IS LAID


Candle Colors and their Meanings~~~ This will be a work In Progress~~~This page on Candle Colors is meant for quick reference so you will know what color to use in any magikal workings. It is by no means diffinitive and as I come across more information besides my own experiences it will be added to, … Continue reading COLOUR CANDLES AND THEIR MEANING


Not good or bad but part of the whole energy of the earth male and female mind good and bad is a matter of opinion and every ones opinions or truth from there hearts is unique. But to realise that we don't need to change or judge our self's. Just apply our own hearts truth … Continue reading ENERGY


Researched Author Sir Godfrey Gregg OHPM, ROMC Then the high-priest called two old priests secretly and sent them to Jesus, who was gone out of the Temple, and was sitting in Solomon's porch, waiting to pray the midday prayer. And near him he had his disciples with a great multitude of people. The priests drew … Continue reading FORBIDDEN FRUIT