Not good or bad but part of the whole energy of the earth male and female mind good and bad is a matter of opinion and every ones opinions or truth from there hearts is unique. But to realise that we don’t need to change or judge our self’s. Just apply our own hearts truth to every thing and let every one else, see their own hearts truth to each problem and answer then let it go because even holding onto the words of truth and happiness can become your prison, also clinging to inlightenment or the expirence. Will trap you all truth also has lies with it we will only see that truth with our hearts.for this truth is for every one for we are a part of every one with our hearts. Jesus, Buddha, Thoth had one thing in common the human heart.and the pain that comes with it. Pain is unique to humans. So our egos can be linked to this pain of fear rejection and past and everyone’s hatred of parts of who you are.

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