BY: Sir Godfrey Gregg OHPM, ROMC

The Court

The Constitutions of our Organization was written in 2012 and defined the Court as;

“a place where Members of The Mystical Court assemble and work: hence that assembly, or duly organized organization of members of The Mystical Court, is called a Court, and every Brother and Sister ought to belong to one, and to be subject to its By-Laws and General Regulations”

All Brethren know that the word “court” has at least three meanings: it is the place –a building or a room—in which The Mystical Court members meet; it is the organization, or body, of The Mystical Court that meets there; it is the actual meeting of that body. When we think of the Court all three meanings often coalesce.

The word “court” was applied as early as the year 2012 to the room or building set aside fro the use of Members of The Mystical Court on any big building site.

In general language, the word “court” applies today to a small building, and we may note that the incorporation of The Mystical Court, brings its meeting to an end by “closing the court” with a series of knocks made by rapping with a folded gavel.


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