Sudden Need Summoning


This summoning is short and to the point. Usually used to protect the caster or another in a
sudden crisis. Here are several incantations for just such moments:

“By Dragon wing and Dragon claw,
My (his/her) Defense is without flaw.
Shrouded by Dragon might
Remove me (him/her) from their (his/her) sight.
Fly before me (him/her)
Dragon bright, And blind my (his/her) foe with
Thy light
Full of rage and terrible ire,
Burn them (him/her) with
Thy Dragon Fire!
Dark and terrible be
Thy wrath, Dragon, protect me (him/her)
on my (his/her) path!

Make the Sign of the Guardian (either in the air or on your brow) In the Air; Pull thumb and pinkie fingers into the palm and with middle, index and ring fingers draw three lines at once. Then bending the ring and middle into the palm, draw one line down the right side of the other three. On a surface simply draw it as you would in the air.

Sign Of The Guardian

Once the task is completed say:
Guardian Dragon thanks be to you, my friend both steadfast and true!”

If there is confusion on how to make the Sign of the Guardian, you can use the Dragon’s Eye of Protection (image below). It is just as effective and easier to make. It is called the Dragon’s Eye of Protection Talisman Symbol.


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