Binding spirits is basically done by this order:

entering spirit realm and summoning a spirit (evocation) – making a raport with spirit – subduing the spirit’s will and binding him/her to a solid piece of bone, metal, crystal or glass (to use good quality jewelry is the best).

1. Entering spirit realm and summoning a spirit can be done by using a skull (real or not) which represents unknown and unnamed spirits, addressing a holy place like City of Ubar or any physical holy place that is considered a link between spirit world and this plane in a ritual to connect with it and calling a spirit, using a magickal phrase that has been passed through generations from any tradition and/or magickal system etc. You can also use things like herbs, gemstones, anything that is corresponding to a specific race of entities, you can also use a triangle and evoke it in it.

2. making a raport with spirits Well, for that you need both theory and practice. Don’t forget to write down spirit’s name

3. To subdue spirit’s will you can use anything to represent spirit’s will and use it ritually, and of course you need to use a method to bind spirit to an object for ever (you should also use a spell to set it free upon death of spirit’s keeper). this is explained method used by CreepyHollows, Haunted Curiosities, Spirited Enterprise, Ebay methaphysical sellers… and you can go around buying books and spells to conjure, most likely a djinni even a fare or a were wolf but no more… get ripped off, but you will find this no-where!


NOTE: Study and learn learn and study all about occult. You have to be at least a practicing magickian – Wiccan, sorcerer or so to do this. learn all about witchcraft -not just wicca, but rather also core things like Bible magic, folk magic, christian witchcraft, eclectic witchcraft (there’s a few Wiccans who became eclectic witches around if you scratch a bit, and if you are nice you might get an advice). creepyHollows and have been real good startpoints to gain initial knowledge and idea about witchcraft. Use protection, a circle, an amulet, or make and use a ritual that uses sacred geometry like Solomon’s shield and use it with suggestion repeating at 4-6 times during 3 weeks to sublime a protection into yourself mind. Learn how to get into alpha state naturally. With most pure light beings you won’t need protection, tho those beings might have attachments and attract entities with them. Keep exorcism rituals at handy if you are already tempted to begin conjuring any sort of demons. Keep in mind Black Arts entities are for those who have guidance and the most experience (they kill). *Continue exploring.* if you are tempted to make a business with this – make sure you have an original idea to stand out of all those ebay sellers. And so on… a lot to warn.

WARNING: Once you get into this sort of things, you will sacrifice your own energy all the time, you will take a lot of karma. Make sure you can stand it, because once you do it massively there is nothing worse than to stop out of indolence or changing minds.


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