Ecclesiastes, Chapter 12:5


“When they shall be afraid of that which is high, and fears shall be in the way.”

Elderly people become unfamiliar with the speed of which the world changes.  Also, as we become older, our reflex speed decreases and things that we once tackled with abandon; we are now more cautious to attempt.

“And the almond tree shall flourish.”

Almond trees have large, delicate, snow-white blossoms.  Figuratively, this means that our hair turns to white.

“And the grasshopper shall be a burden.”

When we are young, hope springs eternal.  The grasshoppers that plagued the farmers were something to be dealt with by completely replanting the field, as a young man can withstand a total loss and look forward to the hope of the following seasons.

However due to his decreased energies, an elderly farmer would find that the loss of an entire year’s harvest (and all the work of replanting) to be a devastation and the elderly farmer would not look upon the same issue as “lightly” as when he was a youth. 

“And desire shall fail.”

The dreams which take a long time to come to fruition are not as desirous in the elderly as in youth because they know they do not have the time to learn and work them to obtain the desired results.  The gradual decrease in physical desire also diminishes in both male and female.

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