COMPLIED BY: Sir Godfrey Gregg

The Gavel is a symbol of authority within The Mystical Court. To disobey the sound of the gavel is to be disrespectful to the authority of the Supreme Grand Commanding Officer and could be discipline do under the rules of the Court.

So, naturally, the Gavel is an emblem of power.  It is an emblem of the power for good or ill in the hands of each man, being the commonest of tools; and also of the power of the Court in the hand of the Supreme Grand CommandingOfficer.  If wielded roughly, it means ruin.  If wielded weakly, it means failure.  If wielded wisely, and in the spirit of brotherly love, it is a wand of magic and a scepter of good will.  Man is tempted and tested by power as by nothing else.  Few are the men able to use it and not abuse it.  No man is a Master Commanding Officer, or fit to be the Supreme Grand Commanding Officer of a Court, until he has learned to use the Gavel with dignity, self-control and gentle skill.

Since the Gavel is a symbol of the power of The Mystical Court, it behooves us to ask how it is being used.  Is the Gavel only an emblem and nothing more, like many another?  Do we actually use it to cut away the vices and superfluities of life which unfit us for the use and service of the Master Captain?  Or, to put it otherwise, do we take our Mystical Court seriously, as a way of learning noble ways of thinking and living?  Or is it a thing of rote, to be neglected when anything gets in its way – just another order to belong to?  In short, is Mystical the power it should be in our lives and in the service of mankind?

As the Gavel sounds in the East, calling us to another year of Mystical Court Labour, each of us ought to ask himself (herself) such questions as these, and answer them honestly in his (her) own soul.  What kind of a Organization would my Court be if all its members were like me?  What value would Mystical Court be to the communities it serves, if every one of its sons and daughters made the same use of it as we do?  Do we answer the signs and summons sent to us by the Court, as we vowed to do at its Altar?  If not, what is a Mystical Obligation worth, and what does it mean – nothing?  Such questions tell us where we are in Mystical Court Ship, and why we do so little with it.  Surely it only fair to ourselves, as well as to the Ship, to ask ourselves such questions point blank.  The Court opens on a new year, and we need to take stock of our Mystical life and duty.  What we lack more than anything else in America, the Caribbean and where this organization  is established, as citizens and as members of The Mystical Court, is a sense of personal responsibility for our laws and institutions, which enshrine the spirit and genius of our nation.  If The Mystical Court  had a great place in the early days of establishment, it was because the founders and leaders gave it a great place by serving the nation in its spirit.  Truth wins if we are true to it and make it win.


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