“The three Great Lights which will become part of our study in The Mystical Court, are the Bible, or Oral Law, contains in its symbolism the knowledge gained by investigating nature’s laws in the remote past. The Compass and Square, or Written Law, represent the actual forces of nature. The square relates to the physical world, to the realm of effects, and the compass relates to the inner planes, the realm of causes. Together they embrace all natural law, and exemplify the Hermetic Axiom: Meaning ‘As it is above, so it is below.’

“The three Lesser Lights which we will embrace on this journey, are three burning tapers placed on candlesticks, standing in a triangular group. They typify man’s reason, his physical senses, and his psychic senses. Man perceives with his phsical senses the physical universe. With his psychic senses he perceives the inner worlds. With his reason he gathers together the seperate strands of experience, outer and inner, and thus gains knowledge of both exoteric and esoteric law. He can both read the records left in books by men, and read the records left in the astral world, as well as make independent investigation. Through Orisha and Kabbala many men journey in their quest to find thie eerlasting truth to understand the world that they are living in.

“In the universal temple the three greater lights are the Sun, Moon and Venus; and the three lesser lights are the corresponding qualities of Life, Light, and Love, that give purpose to existence, serve as a beacons to light the pilgrim on his way, and beckon him encouragingly to struggle upward.” Yes the pilgrim must want to travel or he (she) will be wasting time. These things are not revealed to the natural man for they are spiritually discerned.

Your servant and brother

Sir Godfrey Gregg OHPM, ROMC

VGCO (The Mystical Court)

Research Author

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