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By: His Lordship Bishop Andres Quow OM

There are many folks whom we encountered every day, whether in our home, on the street, in our workplace and even in the church. These people day after day feel hopeless, depressed and discouraged, they lost hope for one reason or another. But I come to encourage you, by reminding you that there is Still Hope. You are not too far gone, once you wake up in the morning breathing, that alone shows that There is Hope.

I want to take us to a Valley that was full of dry and hopeless bones. Ezekiel 37 tells us that God shew the Prophet Ezekiel a vision of a valley of dry bones. Ezekiel was shown this valley and he tells us that it is a valley that is full of bones. I can imagine bones scattered all over the place. He says in verse 2 that God caused him to pass them round
about, and behold there were very many in the open valley, and lo they were very dry. A pile of bones means that there has been life there at one time, but now there are only remains of what use to have life.

God says to Ezekiel, look around… Ezekiel walks around and gets a good view. God wants the seriousness and the Image result for THERE IS STILL HOPE"hopelessness of the situation to really settle into the mind and spirit of Ezekiel. He really wanted Ezekiel to get a first-hand view of the situation. Brethren, one of the first step toward doing something about a matter is to always get a fresh vision of it. If we remember that God took Nehemiah outside at night time and let him get a vision of the wall that was torn down and let Nehemiah see the serious condition they were in before he was ready to do anything about rebuilding the wall.

Paul took a stroll through the marketplace of Athens and saw all of those gods of Athens. That was what God used to stir up his soul to preach that great sermon about the resurrection of Jesus. Brethren we need a fresh view. We need to look again at the bones. We need to look again at the deadness and the dryness of the situation, we can get so desensitized that things just pass us by. God says to Ezekiel, I want you to see what is shown here, look at this valley of dead bones.

Maybe we need to take a little survey today and think about the homes around us. Many homes, even so-called Christian homes, have become like a pile of dry bones. There is no love, no relationship between husband and wife. There is no discipline in the children. If we look at many churches today, they have gotten away from their main vision and mission which is to win souls for Christ. Instead of preaching the gospel, they are preaching a watered-down diluted message. They have lost their identity. Individual lives are like that. Dead, dry, bleached ….

No Spiritual life. Even some Christians who have at one time known life in their own personal relationship with God, now when you look at their life, they are like dry bones. They are just a shadow of the past. They are now living on what they used to be instead of what they ought to be and could only be and can only be by the power of God. That’s what is shown Beloved, A Valley full of very dry bones.

God then asked Ezekiel a question in verse 3, Son of man, can these bones live? Ezekiel answered , O Lord God, thou knowest. Ezekiel is saying, Lord, only you alone know that. He is saying, Lord, it’s an impossible situation as far as I am concerned. When we look at the seriousness of our day, we look at the moral-spiritual collapse around us. We start asking questions. Can anything happen? Can there be change? Can there be a revival? Can there be a turning back to God?

Image result for THERE IS STILL HOPE"We know that in ourselves, just like Ezekiel would say, In me, I know nothing can happen. If anything is going to happen, God, you are going to have to do it. Brethren that’s good news to me, that’s good news for you. In God there is Hope! You are not too far gone….There is Hope!!

We serve a God who can do anything. The bible says the things that are impossible with men are possible with God. There is Still Hope!!! Romans 4:17 says that God calls the things that are not as though they were. Our God is a God of the impossible. God can do the supernatural.

We need a revival in our countries, in our homes, in our churches. We need a revival in our personal lives. We can live again, we can breathe again and we can hope again. Nothing we encounter takes God by surprise. God will give us renewed hope, greater strength and an abundance of His peace. I am very excited to write and encourage anyone who might be feeling Hopeless and believe all is lost.

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I will continue with Part 2 of There is Still Hope in my next writing.

Stay Encouraged and May you be Empowered.

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