Sir Godfrey Gregg OHPM, ROMC

Grand Commanding Officer


You will never understand the things we do unless you are part of the process. There is an explanation of every action and an understanding of the outcome. As you often hear “You have to be in it to know it”. WHY the Brethren would want to place a sprig of Evergreen on the casket.

It is very possible that many of those reading this issue is unaware of the reason WHY we members of The Mystical Court consider this to be such an honour. I now offer an explanation.

The Evergreen

The Evergreen, which once marked the temporary resting place of one illustrious of our Mystical history, is an emblem of our abiding faith in the immortality of the soul.

By it, we are reminded of our high and glorious destiny in our Father’s Kingdom; and that there dwells within each of us an imperishable immortal spirit, which lives eternally.

In the steadfast faith of The Mystical Court there is an enduring belief in the wisdom and goodness of God and a trusting reliance that, like this Evergreen, our souls will hereafter flourish in eternal spring. It is an emblem of our Faith and of our Hope and we are comforted in the Belief that our Brother/Sister has found the entrance to a fairer and brighter world.

As we place our hand over our Left Breast we think to ourselves;

“His (Her) Memory is Faithfully Cherished in our Hearts”

As we extend our right hand over the Apron, dropping the sprig of evergreen we think to ourselves;

To the grave, we consign the remains of our Departed Brother/Sister”

We raise our right hand and point it upward, we think to ourselves;

“We commit his (her) spirit to God who gave it”

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