ORDER IN HIS COURT (Answers to Questions)

CHAPTER 1 1. Thanksgiving and praise
2. Those who have left the old, Adamic nature behind
3. Order; disorder
4. II Peter 3:8
5. Body of Christ
6. Within you
7. a. Man’s doctrines of do’s and don’t’s = Legalism Confusion = Legalism The smoothing running of gears = Order
b. i.e. Nadab and Abihu
8. Romans 12:1; our bodies as a living sacrifice; holy, acceptable unto God
9. A daily walk in God’s established order based on kingdom principles
10. That we become as Jesus in our walk
1. A sacrificial life; Romans 12:1
2. That He is our Head and all things must be of, by and through Him; John 15:5
3. a. – Repentance from dead works – faith toward God – doctrines of baptisms – laying on of hands – resurrection of the dead – eternal judgment Hebrews 6:2-3
b. Becoming stagnant in one place, unable to go ahead in God’s order of growth
4. All corners come together in Christ Jesus, the Capstone, which is the exact image we are to grow into; Matthew 21:42
5. Becoming complete in Christ Jesus by putting Him as the Head in every area of our walk; Colossians 2:10
6. a. Grow up into the head, Christ Jesus; Ephesians 4:15
b. By and through God’s Word
7. His written Word
8. By becoming skillful in the Word of God; Hebrews 5:13
9. The servant will not inherit the promise; Genesis 15:2-4
10. A vessel unto honour; II Timothy 2:20
1. We will judge His house and keep His courts; Zechariah 3:7
2. Understanding God’s order for their lives
3. a. 1 – God 2 – Christ 3 – Man 4 – Woman I Corinthians 11:3
b. Woman to man, man to Christ, and Christ to God; I Corinthians 11:3 This is proper order of Headship.
4. No! Christ is Jesus in all His glory as The Anointing”, or Holy Spirit.
5. Putting off the leprous, old man and putting on the new man, clothed with righteousness and true holiness; Ephesians 4:24
6. The application of the blood is for forgiveness of sin. The further covering of oil is for the complete cleansing from all unrighteousness.
7. The anointing is for the complete cleansing from all unrighteousness, sanctified, holy and without blame before God; Leviticus 14:15-17.
8. The Anointing
9. Finish the work of salvation
10. Complete submission
11. a. At the last trumpet; I Corinthians 15:52
b. Purify ourselves; I John 3:3
12. The In-Christed Ones; Galatians 3:29
13. So are we Christs, the anointed of the Son.
14. The anointed ones who have come into His image and have purified themselves even as He is pure; I John 3:2-3
15. When we begin to allow the Spirit of the Father to bring us into His image, and begin to listen to His voice, and do as we see Him doing.
1. To have true fellowship with man in His presence
2. So God’s power and authority can be released in man’s life. If not, everything man does is in the flesh.
3. Through our openness to freely worship and praise Him in all situations
4. The first goat signifies Jesus and His sacrifice for sin.
The second goat signifies all who have been cleansed from sin.
5. Incense signifies our praise and worship before God.
6. Nadab and Abihu’s sacrifice was full of the flesh, emptied of all Spirit and Truth, and because of this God’s consuming fire devoured them and they died before the Lord.
7. Die Spiritually; our head is not covered
8. The bottom up; instance of correcting children
9. Submission is the willful act of one submitting. Bondage is being enslaved to another’s will.
10. Government, Home, Church
11. Only those who willfully commit and submit to God will receive the power to act in any situation.
12. (1) Christ, the Head must be unveiled in our lives.
(2) We must come into total, willful submission to God in every area of our lives.
(3) Then authority and power will be released in our lives. (Page 58)
1. Long and faint
2. On the earth; in our earth
3. God created Adam, male and female, man and woman, as one flesh, not separate creations. One is not inferior to the other. Woman is the continuation of the same creation.
4. It is in headship, through the kingdom principle of willing submission.
5. She must have this covering of willing submission to be in proper order of headship.
6. With no covering, she has no head, and because of this she cannot enter into God’s presence.
7. NO!
8. a. Before marriage
b. This applies equally to both partners
9. The eldership in the assembly she attends
10. She is to hold her husband in the highest degree of respect, being submitted unto him.
11. When she willingly obeys God and her husband, and fulfills her godly duties to her husband; I Peter 3:1.
12. Prayer
13. NO! He disobeyed God’s direct command to not partake of the mixed fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
14. Put on the mind of Christ.
1. Complete scripture
2. Anointed Word
3. God’s chosen elect
4. 1 – An example of one who was obedient to His Word
2 – An example of one who was disobedient to His Word
5. Righteousness or light can have no fellowship or agreement with unrighteousness or darkness; II Corinthians 6:14. Two can not walk together unless they agree; Amos 3:3.
6. a. When we do whatsoever God commands, we become friends of God; but a servant differs nothing from a child who acts in childish disobedience
b. When we become a friend of God all things Jesus hears from the Father, He will make known to us; John 15:15
7. Man & wife must leave father and mother and become a new entity in the earth, so that the man may be established as the head of his own house
8. He is to honour (to prefer with loving regard) his wife as unto the weaker vessel; I Peter 3:7
9. He is to allow God to choose the right helpmate.
10. Come to our Gethsemane experience; so that we willingly lay down our old life and put on the
life of Christ; not my will, but thy will; Luke 22:42. 11. Only those petitions which ask God to change both to fulfill God’s purpose in their marriage
12. Headship
13. Spiritual responsibility
14. First, immorality which leads to the decline of the church, which leads to the decline of the nation
15. In total alignment with God’s Word
1. Trees of righteousness; fruitful vines
2. The strongest institution on earth
3. a. 1 – Husband: protector, provider; the example of strength and authority 2 – Wife: one who lifts up her husband and becomes his glory for all to see; the example of love and mercy b. 1 – Husband: to be the example of strength and authority 2 – Wife: to be the example of love and mercy
4. So they will look for these same traits when choosing a husband or wife. Those robbed of godly patterns choose partners without discretion and the children of this union suffer. 5. 1 – The husband and father must submit to his head, Christ, in all areas of his life. 2 – The wife and mother must be submitted to her head, her husband. 3 – The father and mother must come to total agreement on how to raise, discipline, and train God’s heritage.
6. One that ruleth well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity; I Timothy 3:4.
7. The father is to have his own children under his control, direction and guidance to teach them dignity, honesty and respect.
8. Only when the husband is submitted to Christ, the wife is submitted to her husband, and the children are in subjection to the father and mother.
9. Those children who order their parents around become rude, undisciplined, disrespectful children who will bring shame to the parents.
10. a. Yes
b. To correct the child using only the amount of pressure needed to effect the desired change.
c. To only use the correct among of pressure to make the desired changes; always done in love, neither too hard or administered at the wrong time; when angry or frustrated, etc.
11. Until they leave father and mother and cleave unto their own husband or wife and start a home. 12. Raising God’s children.
13. In private; if problems are presented in front of children their security is shattered and the children are forced to take sides. This causes division and destroys the unity of the home.
14. a. To bring glory to the Father
b. So they will not be a shame to the parents.
15. Only when the family is in total order with Christ as the head of the husband, the husband the head of the wife and the children in subjection to the father and mother.
1. 1 – Tabernacle = Our bodies are now a temporary dwelling place. 2 – House = When our bodies are changed, we will be a permanent house, a permanent dwelling place of God.
2. Home; church
3. One who is sent.
4. 1 – on the throne of David; Jesus; Isaiah 9:6 2 – on the shoulders of the Body; Isaiah 9:7
5. The Holy Spirit
6. To be the shoulders of church government
7. a. 1 – a man of honest report 2 – full of the Holy Ghost 3 – possessing Godly wisdom
b. To do the labour in the ministry
8. 1 – Leaders 2 – Labourers 3 – Learners
9. a. A glorious church without spot or wrinkle, and blameless; Ephesians 5:27
b. 1 – to preach the gospel to the poor 2 – to heal the brokenhearted 3 – to preach deliverance to the captives 4 – to recover sight to the blind 5 – to set at liberty them that are bruised 6 – to preach the acceptable year of the Lord 7 – to preach the day of vengeance of our God 8 – to comfort all that mourn; Luke 4:18-19 & Isaiah 61:1-2
10. I Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:6-9
11. No. I Timothy 3:2
12. A man desiring leadership in the church must first have a sincere desire to be in God’s service and to become a servant to God’s people.
1. For the perfecting of the saints, to fully prepare and equip the saints for the work of the ministry; Ephesians 4:13.
2. The office of apostle and prophet in many cases has been ignored and violated; Ephesians 4:11.
3. Yes. There must be more than one, and as many as are needed to take care of the ministry.
4. This situation occurs when a pastor has more authority than the combined eldership; or when the selected board has authority over the hired pastor.
To correct this situation, Christ alone must be the head of the church with the combined leadership of the eldership carrying equal weight on their shoulders.
5. The pastor is to be selected from the eldership. When selected, he does not become separated from the eldership, but functions as elder in church government, with no more say than any of the other elders.
6. The one with the Father’s heart who has the ministry of uplift to encourage and direct and does not possess an over-riding spirit; I Corinthians 4:15; I Peter 5:2-3.
7. a – One who is a teacher b – feed the flock of God c – oversee the flock d – have a willing mind e – be an example of Christ to the flock f – lead the sheep beside the still waters of God’s Word g – lead the flock in the paths of righteousness h – minister to God’s flock in the Holy Spirit
8. Cares for the physical labour in maintaining the church
9. Servant’s heart to serve God’s people
10. The deacon must first have a proven record of being willing to labour and learn as a servant.
The deacon must desire to say as Jesus, “I want to minister, not be ministered to.”
He is also learning to submit to the authority of the eldership.
11. The elders need to work diligently to prepare the deacons to exercise their gift so they are prepared when they are sent out from the church by the laying on of the elders’ hands.
12. Change
13. A learner; those who accomplish, endeavor and learn to do.
The disciple must desire to change. If there is no change, there is no God. If the disciple is self-willed and refuses to change, then God can never use that disciple.
The disciple has a true heart to learn God’s ways.
The disciple does not receive an accusation against an elder.
The disciple does not rebuke an elder. The word rebuke means “to strike at.” The disciple is admonished to treat him as a father, and not strike back at him.
The disciple affords double honor to the elders who rule well, who labor in the Word and doctrine.
The disciple is not above his master. A true disciple, who thinks he is better than his teacher, will not learn very much.
The disciple needs to be mindful of those who have spoken the Word of God to them.
The disciple is to obey and submit to the eldership, for they watch for their souls.
14. God will again release His power, authority and blessings upon the church.
1. Those who have put off the old, Adam nature, the old man which is corrupt according to the deceitful lust, Ephesians 4:22.
Those who have put on the new man which, after God, is created in righteousness and true holiness, Colossians 3:10.
2. The vision of His kingdom which He is instilling in each of His anointed ones is:
1 – His kingdom growing every day in the recesses of our being without outward observation;
2 – coming to the place where we are no longer desiring the things of this temporal life;
3 – desiring the fullness of the revelation of God in our lives; 4 – to know Him and the power of His resurrection
3. A house built through the Spirit
A house built upon the Apostles (New Testament) and the Prophets (Old Testament), Jesus Christ being the chief-corner stone.
A house not built upon man-made doctrines of do’s and don’t’s, or even the Apostles creed.
A house built on the entire Word of God, nothing lacking. A house fitly framed together in love.
4. God has a purpose for every part of the Body, so that every joint may supply to the Body that which it was created for. The Body needs every part so that the Body is not lacking in anything, or any ministry.
5. a. Phileo love is but carnal, brotherly love; but agape love is the manifested, benevolent love of God
b. Only by God’s manifested love through us, will the world know we are Jesus’ disciples.
c. Romans 12:10 & 18 Romans 15:2 & 5 I Corinthians 14:26 Philippians 2:3 Galatians 5:15 Galatians 6:2 Ephesians 4:2 & 32 Hebrews 10:4 James 5:9
6. Edify the Body; I Corinthians 14:26
7. Peace; Romans 12:18
8. Forgetting; restoration
9. a – To sanctify and cleanse us b – To disclose God’s good and acceptable will in our lives c – It alone can make the needed changes to conform us to His image
10. When we “become the Word” by applying it to our daily lives we have allowed God to change us into His likeness.
11. Natural Israel are those who have totally rejected Jesus.
But Spiritual Israel are those who have come through Jesus’ shed blood for their forgiveness, which includes those natural Israelites who accept the Messiah.
These, the whole house of Israel, will become one in Spiritual Israel, God’s chosen one’s throughout all generations; I Peter 9-10; Psalm 102:18.
12. 1 – To Our Last Supper – where we must drink of His blood and partake of His body.
2 – To Our Gethsemane – where we must lay down our will to His will.
3 – To Our Golgotha – where our fleshly minds must be crucified.


* Entering a Special Place * Order, Disorder, or No Order? * The Body and the Third Day * Legalism vs. Order * Ensample of Order in the Tabernacle of Moses * Entering Into Kingdom Living

* Kingdom Principle: God as Head in every area of our lives * Moving on in God * Christ Jesus, the Capstone * Becoming the Word * Heir or Servant * Vessels of honour or dishonour

* God’s order in every area of our lives * Order of Headship – God, Christ, Man, Woman * The Blood and The Oil Applied * Christ, The Anointed; Christ, The Anointing; and His Christs, the anointed ones

* Kingdom principle: Unveiling of the Head * Meeting at the mercy seat * The strange fire of Nadab & Abihu * Kingdom principle: Submission * The key to have power to do miracles

* Kingdom Principle: Change the Inner Man * Kingdom Principle: Wife’s Willing Submission Headship Covering Disobedience Willing Submission Exceptions Unequally Yoked Together Godly Reverence The Husband’s Responsibility

* Kingdom Principle: Not my will, but thy will * A New Entity in the Earth Separation from father and mother Rebekah’s Obedience Jacob’s Disobedience Rachel’s Disobedience * The Husband’s Responsibility * Spiritual Responsibility in the Bedroom * Responsibility to Each Other’s Needs

* The Beautiful Trees of Righteousness * The Godly Parent’s Example * Establishing God’s Order in the Home * Children, God’s Heritage Mighty Arrows Submission to the Father The Rod of Correction Fathers Provoke Not Grandparent’s Responsibilities * Christ the Head of Every Room of the Home

* Proper Order in the Church Shoulders of Leadership The Apostle The Elders The Deacons

* Plurality of Leadership * The Two-Headed Church * The Hireling System * The Leaders Responsibilities * The Labourers Responsibilities * The Learners Responsibilities

* The Body Fitly Framed Together in Love * The Importance of the Applied Word * Spiritual Israel, God’s Chosen Generation * Our Final Steps

Vital Words to the Body of Christ
Freely We Have Received, Freely We Give

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