The Mystical Court Apron


The innocence of Conduct and Purity of Heart 

The Grand Commanding Officer apron teaches the aspiring Mystical members that none are admitted to that honour but such as were cleansed of all impurities of both body and mind.

The purity of life and rectitude of conduct is essential and necessary to gain admittance into that Celestial Organization on High where the Supreme Architect of the Universe forever presides.

In primitive times, it was an ecclesiastical (religious) decoration more than a civil decoration.

The earliest mention of the apron was when Melchizedek, with Abraham, started the priesthood. (circa 2100 B.C.)   Melchizedek was the Most High Priest and the first to wear the apron as the badge of religious authority.  The apron is a high honour and is the symbol of a holy man.

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