The Mystical Court Apron

Why do Mystical Brothers Wear an Apron?

The lambskin Grand Commanding Officer apron derives from the working apron of the ancient Order.
It is an Emblem of Innocence and the badge of a true Mystical Court member.


Thus, the apron is proudly compared with the noblest decorations of ancient Rome and of both ancient and modern Europe.

The Order of the Golden Fleece was of high repute as an Order of Knighthood.  It was established in Flanders, France in 1429 by the Duke of Burgundy, a member of the then royal family, who selected the fleece for its badge because wool was the staple production of the country.  Since that time, it has been considered as one of the most illustrious Orders of Europe.

The Roman Eagle was to Romans the ensign of imperial power.  Made of silver or bronze, the Roman Eagle was placed atop the pole of the military standards (flags).  (circa 104 B.C.) Something you still see today in the courts and the military.

The Order of the Garter was and is, still considered the highest decoration that can be bestowed upon a subject by a sovereign of Great Britain.  It is an order of chivalry or knighthood originating in medieval England.  It is the pinnacle of honour in the United Kingdom to have the Order of the Garter bestowed upon you.

The Royal Order of the Mystical Court is conferred on members of meritorious honour and has served the church of The Mystical Order with distinction. This order is considered the highest decoration within the Mystical Court and is bestowed by the Patriarch on loyal members.

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