Sir Godfrey Gregg

Grand Commanding Officer

 Awake, O north wind; and come, thou south; blow upon my garden, that the spices thereof may flow out. Let my beloved come into his garden, and eat his pleasant fruits.” (Song of Solomon 4:16).

Look at the meaning of this prayer a moment. Its root is found in the fact that, as delicious odours may lie latent in a spice tree, so graces may lie unexercised and undeveloped in a Christian’s heart. There is many a plant of the profession; but from the ground there breathes forth no fragrance of holy affections or of godly deeds. The same winds blow on the thistle bush and on the spice tree, but it is only one of them which gives out rich odours.

Sometimes God sends severe blasts of trial upon His children to develop their graces. Just as torches burn most brightly when swung to and fro; just as the juniper plant smells sweetest when flung into the flames; so the richest qualities of a Christian often come out under the north wind of suffering and adversity. A bruised heart often emit the fragrance that God loves to smell.

“I had a tiny box, a precious box Of human love–my spikenard of great price; I kept it close within my heart of hearts, And scarce would lift the lid lest it should waste its perfume on the air. One day a strange deep sorrow came with crushing weight, and fell upon my costly treasure, sweet and rare, and broke the box to atoms. All my heart rose in dismay and sorrow at this waste, but as I mourned, behold a miracle of grace Divine. My human love was changed to Heaven’s own, and poured in healing streams on other broken hearts, while soft and clear a voice above me whispered, “Child of Mine, with comfort wherewith thou art comforted, from this time forth, go comfort others, and thou shalt know blest fellowship with Me, whose broken heart of love hath healed the world.”

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