I was driving home from work…and this sign in front of a local church said: “God’s Grace is sufficient.” I pondered that statement…for several days, in fact. And it occurred to me that, there was something intrinsically flawed with that statement, in fact with its very essence. Now, I am not going to preach to you, or pitch my religious ideals, but, rather, I wanted to share with you a few thoughts. When Paul uttered those words it was a personal communication from God to him with a special condition applied. It is never sufficient for us. His grace is unlimited in its fulness.

Our father in heaven, has no bounds, no limits, no restrictions. How then could his Grace be just sufficient. Would not his Grace be everything? How could we, as mere men, presume to even limit his Grace into something as minor as SUFFICIENT? How fast we presume such impertinence. HIS Grace is NOT sufficient at all… Sufficient implies that it is “just enough” when, in fact, it is EVERYTHING. Were not the Great Author of Our Existence gracious, we would cease to be. We cannot, without some reflection and consideration, speak on the Lord. Even with this thought and consideration, our minds are much too feeble and limited to lock God into our own limited world. HIS Grace, allows us to exist, to live, to succeed or to fail…and it is by no means….Sufficient….. Would that we, as men, were sufficient. Sufficient to please our God, sufficient to be good men, good husbands…good fathers, and most importantly… good servants of our God.

I know the men of that church meant well, and that they were trying to convey an idea…. but I just could not but help but think, how little they gave our God, how little glory they provided, how manlike they thought. God’s Grace is Everything, Let us pray that we, as children of God, can be sufficient in our thoughts, words, and actions, and merit so great a reward, as heaven, and dwell in God’s paradise forever.




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