My brothers and sisters this morning I want to encourage you to press on because the Master is in need of your help.

 And they said The Lord hath need of him.—Luke 19:34

To say this to the owner of the colt at once stilled all opposition to his being taken for the Saviour’s use. These words, or similar, are very fitting to be used when God requires us to give up something peculiarly prized by us. “The Lord hath need of it,” we say, and resist no longer. It is a thought which comforts as well as stills, to think that God has need of what He asks from us for some grand purpose of love. The thought may serve to lessen even the grief that is sorest—what is caused by our bereavement of a dear one valued above all. “The Lord hath need of him,” faith says and checks her tears.

This morning the Lord has need of you and He wants to use you. Will you be obedient to His calling? Will you heed the call to work for Him in whatever field you are placed? He knows best for you and where you can be of influence with His message. He knows best brethren. Obey is first love.

Brethren, we are in His service and we are subjected to be called to service or we can be recalled from service. Whichever way the message rings out, it must be an act of obedience. The Master has need of you. Your answer should be “here am I send me”. Whenever the Master calls know that the time is appointed. Your mission is about to begin. It is very sad that many people have been recalled from ministry and they are not aware. They are blinded by titles on church positions. You should speak to Bala am and ask him what happened that day when the donkey spoke to him? Very interesting my brothers.

Your servant and brother,
+ Sir Godfrey Gregg

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