For the last five years, I have been your Patriarch and Chief Apostle. The challenge was and still not an easy one serving people in all walks of life. I remembered that day in 2012 when Bishop Sir Godfrey laid the charge to me and with hand raised took the solemn oath to serve Almighty God and the people of God.

The responsibilities of the office never sank in until a year later when there were many challenges and roadblocks and I knew that had it not been for the Lord, I would not be here. Truly, “The years roll around and steals away”. I can tell you, brothers and sisters, that when God places you, no man can remove you. Just commit to Him and let Him have His way in your life. Let Him be your leader and guide.

I want to thank all who called, texted and comment on the article on the Mystical Order Page. Everyone is appreciated and together we can build bridges and move mountains.

Let me also congratulate Sir Godfrey Gregg our Divisional Patriarch who celebrated one year in Office. He has served well and the work he does daily MUST be highly commended. His time (God’s time) is devoted to ministry to reach those in a distant land and will be a great witness on that great and final morning. We wish him well and all of Almighty God blessing on him and his family.

Yours in Christ,

+ Sir Darrell Johnson

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