A modern continuance of the ancient ceremonial method of pledging future personal conduct is in the consecration of a Patriarch or Archbishop. (As The Supreme Grand Commanding Officer or The Grand Commanding Officer) In The Mystical Court the consecration oath is to be administered by the Patriarch or an archbishop or in the presence of all the people, who, on their parts, reciprocally take the oath of allegiance to the Patriarch.


The Patriarch or archbishop shall say: “Will you solemnly promise and Swear to serve the people of The Mystical Court and any other church established under its name throughout the world according to the rules and bylaws agreed on, and the respective laws and customs of the country or territory?”

The candidate  shall say: “I solemnly promise so to do.”

Patriarch or Archbishop: “Will you to the utmost of your power cause law and justice, in mercy, to be executed in all your judgments?”

Candidate : “I will.”

Patriarch or Archbishop: “Will you, to the utmost of your power, maintain the laws of God, the true profession of the Gospel, and the Church of The Mystical Order  established by law?

And will you maintain and preserve inviolably the settlement of the Church of The Mystical Order and the doctrine, worship, discipline and administration thereof, as by rules and bylaws of the  church? And will you preserve unto the clergy and members, and to the churches therein all such rights and privileges as by law do or shall appertain to them, or any of them?”

Candidate : “All this I promise to do.”

After this the candidate, laying his hand upon the holy Gospels, shall say: “The things which I have here before promised I will perform and keep; so help me God,” and then shall kiss the Book;

By this Book, and the Holy Contents thereof, and by the Wonderful works that God hath miraculously wrought in the Heaven above and in the Earth beneath in six days and seven nights, I, (name of person being sworn) do swear that I will without respect, favour or friendship, love or gain, consanguinity or affinity, envy or malice, execute the rules and bylaws of this church, and betwixt clergy and members, as indifferently as the herring’s backbone doth lie in the midst of the fish! So help me God and the Contents of this Book.



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