I want to thank God for this day commemoration the first anniversary of my elevation to the high esteem Office of Divisional Patriarch of The Mystical Order of Spiritual Baptist Inc.

Let me thank our Patriarch and Chief Apostle Sir Dr. Darrindel Hoyte-Johnson for bestowing this title on me and for expressing his confidence in me to execute the duties of the office. During that office, I was also honoured to receive the DEGREE of the Royal Order of The Mystical Court. In the picture, you will see the Patriarch and me in the regalia.

After my elevation, I had the privilege of honouring Archbishop Dr. Martina Adonis in conferring the DEGREE of the Royal Order of The Mystical Court. Dr. Adonis assisted in my elevation and we will be forever grateful for her support.

Today the Lord continue to lead and bless and to all who witnessed the elevation, I am grateful and you will forever be in my heart. Thanks to Archbishop Leslie Warner form Toronto for his role and ministering the word of God on that day.

Thank you, Jehovah in Emmanuel Spiritual Baptist Church

Sir Godfrey Gregg ROMC, OHPM

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