I have come that [you] may have life, and have it to the full. — John 10:10
As soon as Adam and Eve messed up, the Enemy started speaking shame over them, and he’s been doing it ever since then.
Guilt, that sense of conviction that comes over us when we do something wrong, is healthy and moves us toward positive change. Shame, however, drives us into a never-ending cycle of trying to fix ourselves, to prove to the world and ourselves that we are not inherently flawed, that we have value.
The lie the Devil wants me to believe, and you to believe, is that we are never going to live beyond the consequences of our actions. It’s a lie he’s been perfecting since the beginning of time. But I’m here to tell you this life, the shame he pours into us serves one purpose: to distract us and keep us busy trying to prove to the world that we are perfect. The lie tells us we will never be good enough, regardless of what we do with our lives or how we live out our calling.
On the flip side of the life of Shame is the lie of pride. If the Enemy can’t make us doubt our worth, he makes us believe in an equally false version of it, one that tells us we are valuable because of our incredible efforts, sometimes even our efforts on behalf of God. But whether we believe the lie of shame or the lie of pride, each is rooted in our need to feel worthy.
Finding Our Worth
The key to having a healthy understanding of our worth is knowing to whom we belong. There have been library rows full of books written about worth. But without an understanding of God through a relationship with Jesus that is empowered by the Holy Spirit, we will never really understand the true source of our value. My brothers and sisters, I urge you to stay in the word of God, regardless what the enemy is trying to our lives.
Keeping us busy trying to prove our worth is the easiest way to keep us from the life God created us to live because it makes us think that our worth is based on what we do, instead of who God is.
Spending our lives being busy trying to prove our worth is how the Enemy fulfills the warning we read in John 10:10:
The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.
But this verse does not just warn us of the Enemy’s plan, it also reveals God’s plan:
I have come that [you] may have life, and have it to the full.
(Whenever I read this verse I say, “Because I have come, you, Godfrey, have great worth.” Try adding your name and speaking that over yourself.)
God bless you and have a great day.
Your brother and servant,
Sir Godfrey Gregg D. Div
Co-Founder of The Mystical Order

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