Fusion and Occult Knowledge

Research Author and writer Sir God frey Gregg OHPM, ROMC
Fusion is both a product of consciousness and the means whereby consciousness is expanded. To consider fusion, as the joining of two things to make one is a limitation of the truth which, in occult philosophy, the term is intended to convey. Fusion does, in truth, transform two phenomenal appearances into one appearance, but it acts, not to join the two, but to burn away the barriers which created the apparent duality, thus revealing the essential unity from which the dual appearance stemmed.
Always must it be borne in mind that the significant words behind all efforts at spiritual fusion are Life-Quality-Appearance- the appearance at our present stage consisting of the three-fold body which expresses soul quality and enables Life to reveal itself. In achieving the progressive fusion incidental to the life of discipleship, this basic framework is not altered. The fusion of the personality with the soul is a merging of two fires or energies in the realm of consciousness. The effect is to have the three-fold body as the medium of expression in the three-fold world of human evolution, and to release into that living mechanism a flow of soul energy so steady and so sustained that the forces of the personality are drawn into, dissolved and made one with the higher, dominating energy. Thus a new unity is made manifest; instead of soul and personality the soul-infused personality appears, thus consummating the second great fusion of the Path of return. (The first fusion is achieved when the different elements of the personal self are integrated and brought under the direction of the mind).
The relation between fusion and occult knowledge lies in the realm of awareness. It is conceivable that the fusion of the personality with the soul might be brought about, and proceed to demonstrate its validity in saintly living, without the lower self being aware of what had taken place. Such ignorance would not negate the reality of the fusion, but would possibly circumscribe also the effects produced at subtler levels. Occult knowledge leads to a correct appraisal of what has taken place, and of the energies which have been released, thereby enabling those energies to be used to directed ends with maximum effect.
Put thus, however, the situation is over-simplified. The relationship between fusion and occult knowledge goes deeper, is infinitely more complex, than the connection between energy and its application. Occult knowledge, if correctly related to the Love Aspect of Deity, tends always towards fusion since it removes the separating barriers of ignorance and non-understanding. As such knowledge increases, so the possibility of ever more inclusive fusion becomes apparent, and the techniques for bringing the fusions about are made clear. Occult knowledge is, therefore, part of the means whereby the results of fusion may be understood and demonstrated.
Fusion produces always an enlargement of consciousness and therefore, a truer demonstration of Reality. This is not because consciousness has actually been made greater. As Mrs A. Besant states in her book “A study in Consciousness” . . . “consciousness is the one reality in the fullest sense of that much-used phrase . . .” What fusion achieves is the removal of limitation, with consequent revelation of new arcs of consciousness involving new fields of energy wherein the Self may carry forward Its divine experiment, knowing new experiences and evolving new methods of expression.
The Doctrine of the Heart insists that these experiments and experiences must be related to the service of humanity, and that their expression is service must be such as to make the life of the spirit practical and apparent in daily living.  This demonstrable relationship between Life and Appearance depends upon many factors, each subject to infinite modification. In general, the principles involved may perhaps be summarised in certain simple rules: –
1.Be persistent in effort.
2.Let aspiration be continually renewed.
3.Make penetrative endeavour a daily habit.
4.Look for spiritual opportunity in daily experience.
5.Learn to recognise and respond to human need.
6.Increase by all known means the sensitivity of the instruments by means
  of which the  work of the Spirit is accomplished.
Applying such rules within the scope of immediate opportunity, it becomes possible to make soul fusion and occult knowledge steps towards spiritual potency, achieved stages in the process of the stated truth . . .”The arcs of consciousness are fused by the flame of the heart.”

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