The Secret Place

Research Writer Sir Godfrey Gregg OHPM, ROMC, D. Div Through inland far we be, Our souls have sight of that immortal sea which brought us hither. WORDSWORTH   'We do not have to hear the sun rise,' wrote Paul Brunton, author of many books on meditation and the mysteries of the East. 'So, too, the greatest … Continue reading The Secret Place


Researched Writer Sir Godfrey Gregg OHPM, ROMC, D. Div Plans and Preparations for the Temple David's role, and careful attention to all the details, plans and preparation for the temple are recorded for us in First Chronicles Chapter 22: David commanded to gather together the aliens who were in the land of Israel, and he … Continue reading THE TEMPLE OF SOLOMON (PART THREE)


Researched Writer Sir Godfrey Gregg OHPM, ROMC, D. Div Araunah's Threshing Floor David was by no means a perfect king. He had a number of wives and his marriages were apparently nothing to boast about. His grievous sin of murder and adultery in the case of Bathsheba brought war in David's household for the rest … Continue reading THE TEMPLE OF SOLOMON (PART TWO)


Researched Writer Sir Godfrey Gregg OHPM, ROMC, D. Div The Temple of Solomon   Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labour in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain. It is in vain that you rise up early and go late to rest, eating … Continue reading THE TEMPLE OF SOLOMON (PART ONE)


Living your life "in integrity" means that your words match your actions which match your beliefs. When you are living your life in harmony with your values, you naturally have more energy. Clarifying what really matters to you, knowing what you stand for, will set you free to live life to its fullest potential.   … Continue reading REASONS TO IDENTIFY YOUR VALUES


The Qualifications Of A Good Man Sir Godfrey Gregg Psalm 37:23 – NKJV The steps of a good a man are ordered by the Lord, and He delights in his way. In reading this verse, we all know that this is not speaking to just one gender but this morning I was prompted in my … Continue reading THE QUALIFICATIONS OF A GOOD MAN


Hallelujah to the Lamb of God there is an empty tomb. Our Lord is risen and the price is paid in full. Man's redemption has been paid. It does not stop there, because He is alive forevermore and soon we are going to be united with Him in the second coming. "On the first day … Continue reading THE TOMB IS EMPTY


And having said this, the multitude departed with the priest and the governor with Herod, having great disputations concerning Jesus and concerning his doctrine. Whereupon the priest prayed the governor to write unto Rome to the senate the whole matter; which thing the governor did; wherefore the senate had compassion on Israel, and decreed that … Continue reading DECREE OF ROMAN SENATE

The Garden of Souls and Spirits

Human beings can be compared to flowers or fruit  or even vegetables. Every time you meet some, every time you talk to them and listen to them, you can enjoy their fragrance or taste their flavour. But is this what you actually do? No, you rarely pay attention to anything but their clothes or their … Continue reading The Garden of Souls and Spirits


Research Author and writer Sir Godfrey Gregg OHPM, ROMC "To give is a divine attribute. The inexhaustibility of giving is found in varying degrees in all nature. But fire is the element in which giving is most apparent. The very principle of fire is transmutation and a constant giving. Fire cannot exist without the sacrifice … Continue reading BENEVOLENCE