Sir Godfrey Gregg OHPM, ROMC HONOUR Hono​u​r is one of those words that people use more than they seem to actually understand. We accept it as a virtue, but often confuse it with the word pride. When ​The Mystical Court refers to hono​u​r, it has something very specific in mind. It is not referring to … Continue reading HONOUR


THE TWO WITNESSES AND THE DUAL ANOINTING OF MESSIAH IN THE ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK AS SEEN BY THE PROPHET ZECHARIAH IN HIS AWESOME VISION OF THE TWO OLIVE TREES OF ISRAEL. This wonderful image of the dual anointing is from the Jewish Cervera Bible. Spain circa 1299.   Here is another clue from the prophecy … Continue reading THE DUAL ANOINTING OF MESSIAH

A Treatise on White Magic

Research Author and writer Sir Godfrey Gregg D. Div, OHPM, ROMC A Treatise on White Magic   The key to the resolution of the apparent duality which continually surrounds us is found in the statement given above, 'There is nothing but soul'. It is an esoteric truth that one cannot register any vibration from without … Continue reading A Treatise on White Magic

The Dual Life of Discipleship

Research Writer Sir Godfrey Gregg D. Div, OHPM, ROMC The facts of daily life often seem at variance with the principles of spiritual living. This is the disciple's great problem  how to live as a soul in the world of form, how to practice positive harmlessness.   All those who aspire to tread the path … Continue reading The Dual Life of Discipleship


  SOUL JOURNEY   The journey of the soul Is as unfathomable As each unfolding mystery Waiting for us in this universe   Tiny fragments Stream into existence There is an unending pattern Which we mortals cannot see or comprehend   The beauty of the whole Escapes us As we struggle Through the seeming quagmire … Continue reading SOUL JOURNEY


    BREAKTHROUGH     From behind That veil of illusion I stepped into this lifetime With open arms The universe greeted me Taking small steps I started Yet another journey A journey of wonder Openness – acceptance Barriers melted Hearts connected As I celebrated with all life Our linked diversity  


A C C E P T A N C E   I am soul Eternal ocean of spirit Through the luminous mists of time I travel Within this anguished body I rest For this lifetime It is my home The restless turbulence Reaches me not The calm night skies Speak to me Of journeys yet … Continue reading A C C E P T A N C E

​​Archangel St Michael – Prince of the Heavens

​Researched Author and writer Sir Godfrey Gregg OHPM, ROMC Archangel St Michael - Prince of the Heavens Archangels are defined as “messengers which carry Divine Decrees”.  It is the Archangels who command the legions of heaven and defend humans in the constant battle with the evil ones.  In the angelic order the Archangels belong to the Eighth … Continue reading ​​Archangel St Michael – Prince of the Heavens

Being Spiritual

Researches Author and writer Sir Godfrey Gregg OHPM, ROMC This article presents 8 beliefs and practices to cultivate in order to manifest miracles in our life.   Becoming a spiritual being is synonymous with becoming a miracle worker and knowing the bliss of real magic. The differences between people who are non-spiritual, or "physical only", … Continue reading Being Spiritual


THE TWO OFFICES AND ANOINTING OF OUR COMING MESSIAH WILL UNITE BOTH HOUSES OF THE COVENANT PEOPLE OF GOD IN THE CRUCIBLE OF THE END-TIME DRAMA. THE TWO WITNESSES "Candles at the Wall" The two witnesses are showcased in the two Shabbat candles. And two candles are presented on our dining tables in Christendom. The … Continue reading THE TWO OFFICES AND ANOINTING OF OUR COMING MESSIAH