A member of The Mystical Court in The Establishment is said to be properly clothed when brethren wear full regalia of The Mystical Court rank.

The gloves are now often, but improperly, dispensed with, except on public occasions. “No member is permitted to enter a Court or join in its labours unless he/she is properly clothed.” The Vice Grand Commanding Officer in an earlier writing, says that the clothing of a Mystical Court member consists of a black suit, white shirt, black tie, apron, gloves, sword, and black hat.

The actual dress of a Master Commanding Officer is, however, a full suit of black, with white neck-cloth, apron, gloves, and stockings (women); the buckles being of silver, and the jewels being suspended from a white ribbon by way of collar, or the specified regalia. The head piece will be a BLACK felt HAT.

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