Although the West, as one of the four Cardinal Points, holds an honorable position as the station of the Vice Grand Commanding Officer, and of the pillar of Strength that supports the Court, yet, being the place of the sun’s setting and opposed to the East, the recognized place of light, it, in The Mystical Court symbolism, represents the place of darkness and ignorance.

The old tradition, that in primeval times all human wisdom was confined to the eastern part of the world, and that those who had wandered toward the West were obliged to return to the East in search of the knowledge of their ancestors, is not confined to The Mystical Court.

Dr. Granville (Symbolic) speaks of an ancient and highly instructed Body of Priests in the East, from whom all knowledge, under the veil of symbols, was communicated to the Greeks and other unenlightened nations of the West.

And in the Legend of the Ship, contained in the Mystical Bylaws, there is always a reference to the emigration of the Ancestors from Egypt eastward to the “land of behest,” or Jerusalem. Hence, in the modern symbolism of The Mystical Court, it is said that the members of The Mystical Court during their advancement are Traveling from the West to the East in search of light.

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