Research Author Sir Godfrey Gregg OHPM, ROMC


Fidelity: Faithful —- The quality of being faithful

Fidelity (See Fides).


In the first degree, it is said that: “our ancient brethren worshipped deity under the name of Fides of Fidelity, which was sometimes represented by two right hands joined, and sometimes by two human figures holding each other by the right hands”

The deity here referred to was the goddess Fides, to whom Numa first erected Temples, and whose priests were covered by a white veil as a symbol of the purity which should characterize Fidelity.

No victims were slain on her altars, and no offerings were made to her except flowers, wine and incense.

Her statues were represented clothed in a white mantle, with a key in her hand and a dog at her feet.

The virtue of Fidelity is, however, frequently symbolized in ancient medals by a heart in an open hand, but more usually by two right hands clasped.

Horace calls her ‘incorrupta fides”( non corruptible) and makes her the sister of Justice; while Cicero says that that which is religion towards God and piety toward our parents is “Fidelity” towards our fellow men.

There was among the Romans another deity called “Fidius”, who presided over oaths and contracts, and it is said that there was an ancient marble at Rome, consecrated to the God Fidius, on which was depicted two figures clasping each other’s hands as the representatives of Honour and Truth, without which there can be no Fidelity not truth among men.

So, The Mystical Court will, borrow its ideas from the ancient poets, makes the right hand the symbol of Fidelity.

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