Research Author Sir Godfrey Gregg OHPM, ROMC

Other factors for healing

Intentional rejection is basically emotional abuse in it’s most simple form. It wounds a person’s spirit, sometimes slightly, other times those wounds can be deep and very painful. Those wounds must be healed, and there are other articles on which can be very helpful in this healing process:

The one thing that you absolutely cannot overlook is correcting your identity. You need to start seeing yourself for who you are in Christ, and the person that God has really formed within you. Your identity must come from Him and what His Word says about you. Printing out lists of Bible verses which speak of who you are in Christ are incredible tools to help renew your mind and tear down these strongholds. In the healing process of rejection, many times strongholds need to be torn down.

The Holy Spirit has shown me that whenever we feel the hurt and pain from rejection, it’s because we our identity depends upon what that person thinks of us. If our identity didn’t depend on what others think of us, we would be virtually immune from the damage of rejection. That is why our identity must be based upon the Word of God, and what God has to say about us. That is the unshakable rock to which we need to build our house upon.

The wounds of rejection can open a person up to spirits such as abandonment, rejection, worthlessness, etc. Those who have ongoing struggles with rejection should go through the deliverance process to have those spirits removed. There are often other bondages that result from rejection, such as performance orientation, divisiveness, rebellion, etc. Rejection is an open door to a wide variety of bondages. Lack of love as a child, for example, can cause that child to turn to pornography and lust to fulfill their need to be loved, and now we have unloving spirits, lust, pornography, etc. to deal with. As with abuse, it’s not so much the rejection that opens us up to unclean spirits, but rather our reaction to the rejection. As a said, true rejection is just an emotional form of abuse.

So many times I ask myself this question, “How is your heart towards that person who’s rejected you? Do you love them as God have commanded you?” Forgiving that person who has rejected us is a vital step in this process. If we want God’s help in this healing process, then forgiveness is not an option. Sometimes we even have to forgive God in cases of rejection, such as “Why did God give me this big nose? Or this short body?” I’ve even struggled with unforgiveness against God because I thought He was just too hard to please, as a result of a religious bondage. Religion, as with so many other things, can also tie in with rejection bondages.

Recommended further reading

Life After Rejection: God’s Path to Emotional Healing.

God’s Remedy for Rejection which is really good.

Victory over Darkness is a great tool to renew your mind and cause you to see yourself as God sees you.

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