Research Author  Sir Godfrey Gregg OHPM,  ROMC

VGCO  ( The Mystical Court )


Few Members of The Mystical Court have any definite idea as to why the compasses are opened upon the Volume of the Sacred Law (BIBLE) at an angle of 60 degrees.

The explanation may be found in the fact that the equilateral triangle has always been sacred. The sum of all angles of any triangle is equal to two right angles or 180 degrees.

Each of the equal angles of any equilateral triangle is equal to one-third of two right angles (180 divided by 3, which is 60 degrees)’ “Pay close attention”.

The compasses thus set at 60 degrees allude to the equilateral triangle and, if the two points were united by a straight line, would form an equilateral triangle.

Our Brethren of olden years would placed the equilateral triangle itself on the altar. In our time it can be said that the compasses replaced the triangle. So, today we have the compasses and the square playing a pivitol role in shaping our Court. The compasses opened at 60 degrees have been substituted.

Furthermore, if a circle of any size be drawn, a chord of 60 degrees of that circle will be equal to its radius, and the compasses so set will divide the circle into six equal parts.  The points thus made, with the one in the centre, constitute the mystic number 7.

The six external points, if joined by six straight lines, will form the hexagon within the circle, one of the perfect figures.  Or, if we unite these six points in another way, we have union with the point within the circle. It is easy if you can remember your geometry from school days. I will speak on that subject at another time.

This was the most sacred emblem of Pythagoras, known in all ages as the Seal of Solomon by which he bound fast the genii that rebelled against God. If the whole seven points be pointed by straight lines, we get a perfect cube within a perfect sphere. The cube was sacred in all ages.

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