“The Ship, when considered by thoughtful members of The Mystical Court, is a complex subject. All too often we read, learn and recite ritual without seeking to truly understand the meaning of the words and phrases we use. Too much time cannot be spent in studying the passages we are to recite to a Candidate and it is only when some understanding has been achieved that a presentation will reflect emotion and has real meaning. It is also true to say that it is never too early to seek to understand and learn ritual.

For those of us who love our Mystical Court and are constantly striving for further knowledge and understanding every new post on the website is a bonus. No post has all of the answers and every post makes claims that can be challenged. This First Degree (Entered Commanding Officer) information adds to the fund of knowledge and I will provide a great wealth of material to prepare an Initiate for Passing to the Second Degree (Assistant Commanding Officer). This information will cause more thought and raise more questions, and in a ‘progressive science’ that is to be welcomed.”

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