BY: Research Author Sir Godfrey Gregg OHPM, ROMC

So many times we seem to look at Ritual Work as not being that important, and that it doesn’t have to be done that well. We feel that just need to have more members of The Mystical Court for our programs. If we fail to share the teachings properly, who do you think looses?

I would like to have you think back to that first night, it could of been a warm or cool night, that we all share. That night we were so apprehensive , or for the sake of better words, confused as to what was going to happen. Those first words you heard said at the Mourner’s Room door, asking questions and wanting answers of you, and how you were treated was only the start of your Spiritual and Mystical life. That life that leads most of us on a continuous journey of Spiritual and Inner travel the rest of our lives.

For some of us, who will have to memorize the Elevation Degree and Obligations, you will share something that no one else will understand, but you. The task of learning them, that we will choose to do, and we will. This struggle teaches us what we all can do with hard work and a true desire to accomplish things.

So many times I have read some articles, and still I find them as interesting as the first time I read them. Every time I hear something new, I find a new perspective that I have missed before. I fear for those that do not choose to listen or read them in this way, as they will never find the lessons that are taught in The Mystical Court.

And as for those privileged ones that attended lectures teaching the inner soul, and the peace of this Mystical peace we often talk about. You will learn how it feels study and to give that perfect lecture and also when you don’t get it perfectly right! Most of the time just stopping for a moment to think or to taking a breath. I think we can all learn hidden lessons here too. How we should overlook everyone’s little mistakes that we all make in life. Also to remember sometimes the best intentions go wrong by accident.

“Value Your Word”

For What Worth Hath a Liar!



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