(1) The Mystical Court member must love God and his (her) brethren.


(2) He (She) must work diligently in working hours that he (she) may lawfully refresh himself in the hours of rest.


(3) He (She) must keep the secrets of the brethren with fidelity.


(4) He (She) must be true to his (her) Ship.


(5) He (She) shall receive his (her) wages without murmuring.


(6) He (She) shall not turn a working day into a holiday.


(7) He shall not carnally lie with a brother’s wife, neither She with her sister’s husband.


(8) He (She) must be just and true to his (her) Master Commanding Officer and brethren in every capacity.


(9) He (She) shall treat his (her) brethren with equity and in the spirit of brotherly love.


(10) He (She) must live peacefully and without contention with his (her) brethren.


(11) Seeing a brother (sister) about to err he (she) must admonish him (her) with kindness.


(12) He (She) must maintain the general regulations of the Ship.


(13) He (She) shall commit no theft or succor a thief.


(14) He (She) must be steadfast to these laws and to the laws of his (her) country.


(15) He (She) shall submit to the lawful penalty for what ever offences he (she) may commit.


Sir Godfrey Gregg

VGCO (The Mystical Court)

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