As I continue to put my Christmas message together to be posted on here is an exerpt and I trust that you will read some life into it. A mesage with a very strong fulling hope.

So we begin to see what the cradle has to do with the Court. Indeed, as all the wise teachers of this Ship agree, the Court is a Cradle and initiation is birth, by which man makes his advent into a new world. The Cable-Tow or umbilical cord, by which we may be detained or removed should we be unworthy or unwilling to advance, is like the cord which joins a child to its mother at birth. Nor it is removed until, by a voluntary act, we assume the obligations of a man, a new unseen tie is woven in our hearts. Henceforth we are united by an invisible bond to the service of the race.

Sir Godfrey Gregg

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