This morning I thought of Daniel when he set his eyes towards heaven seeking directions. Daniel was a man who walked in the divine purpose of God and because of his connection with God that very moment when he opened his mouth Michael the Archangel was dispatched with answer to his prayers.

Something happened when Michael was on his journey to Daniel. The enemy witstood him in his path. Just like many of us today on our spiritual pathway seeking truth. We are reminded in the word of God how we must walk and conduct our business with Him. Therefore, take warning how we walk and talk.

It is very easy to get off message and be side tracked with the cares of this world. In this Court you will learn how to master your way with every step you will ever take. It is for you to take the word and make them examples in your daily lives.

You must be a TRUE member of this great calling and walk in obedience to this call. Your reward is greater if you will subject yourselves to this higher calling. God is able and will do exceedingly abundant anything we will ask of Him in spirit and in truth.

Sir Godfrey Gregg

Vice Grand Commanding Officer

(The Mystical Court)

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