Concept 9: Researched Author: Sir Godfrey Gregg GCO, ROMC Kairos - Time for Change Of all the Concepts of the previously Hidden Teachings of The Mystical Court, Kairos stands out as the most unique. It does not deal with personal development or a deeper understanding of cultural ideals. Instead, it calls our attention to the possibility of a globally transformative event … Continue reading CONCEPTS 9


Concept 8: Researched Author: Sir Godfrey Gregg GCO, ROMC Freedom & Responsibility "Freedom is not the final goal. It is the means to that goal." ( from The Deeper Quest.) Western culture's emphasis on freedom is surely one of its most distinguishing features. As with all The Mystical Court concepts, however, there is a deeper meaning … Continue reading CONCEPT 8


Concept 7: Researched Author: Sir Godfrey Gregg VGCO, ROMC Reason Since the early philosophical strivings of ancient Greece, the importance of the reasoning mind has remained the central impetus of Western culture. While tradition remains a viable influence, when push comes to shove, it usually takes second place to our dependence upon rational decisions. This accounts for the … Continue reading CONCEPT 7


Concept 6: Researched Author: Sir Godfrey Gregg VGCO, ROMC Ordo Mundi Ordo Mundi is a medieval term meaning the way of the world, or understanding nature. Looking back, one might consider it an ecclesiastic precursor of science, an approach to God through God's creation. For today's world, it is recognizing our responsibility to preserve and protect the natural world … Continue reading CONCEPT 6


Concept 5: Researched Author: Sir Godfrey Gregg GCO, ROMC Nature’s Law, our Source of Autonomy The opening sentence of the Declaration of Independence makes a pointed reference to the concept of “Nature’s law” to support its argument. As important as this reference sounds, most people today have no idea what it means. They consider it a catchy phrase, … Continue reading CONCEPT 5


I am asking everyone that visit this website to partner with me in prayer and to rally around the Throne of God for a brother overseas. I was informed that he is very sick and in the hospital and in much pain. He needs to feel your touch in prayer so God can perform a … Continue reading PRAYER REQUEST


Concept 4: Researched Author: Sir Godfrey Gregg GCO, ROMC The Personal Transformation of Agagnorisis Anagnorisis refers to a very specific kind of personal transformation. In early Greek drama, it represented the point in the story when a character learns a profound truth that causes all misleading illusions to dissolve. Nothing is left but real self and … Continue reading CONCEPT 4


Concept 3: Researched Author: Sir Godfrey Gregg GCO, ROMC Aletheia, A More Comprehensive Understanding of Truth We translate the Greek word Aletheia into English simply as "truth." Unfortunately, this fails to convey the distinct nuances that make it so profound. The first nuance means "to remember." This suggests that truth is something we already know, but need to … Continue reading CONCEPT 3


Concept 2: Researched Author: Sir Godfrey Gregg GCO, ROMC, OHPM The Personal Goal of Areté Areté (pronounced ah rhi tay in English) is an important concept in The Mystical Court. You will see it used as a greeting or salute among our Companions, and as the motto on our official armorial design. The word is Greek for 1) excellence; 2) the … Continue reading CONCEPT 2


 Concept 1: Researched Author: Sir Godfrey Gregg GCO, ROMC, OHPM The Nudge of Telos Do you ever wish that your life had more significance? No matter how busy you are, or successful, or popular, do you ever experience quiet moments when a shadow of self-doubt crosses your mind, whispering that something is missing in your life? … Continue reading CONCEPT 1